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Makers of REAL –
the digital marketing tool designed to deliver essential customer information, in an instant, directly to
any mobile device.

Introducing REAL! DDP’s new, one-of-a-kind digital platform designed to deliver guest information to your customers within moments of walking through the door.

Fully customizable, REAL allows you to digitally present your business and deliver essential and promotional information in an instant, using a visually compelling and interactive format, directly to your customer’s mobile device.

REAL’s flexible format offers the perfect solution to in-room directories and paper sales tools
by offering REAL customization and quick update capability to add vibrance to your business presence and eliminate stale information.

REAL has helped our customers elevate their visibility in the market, attract new business, and enhance their customer’s experience.

Let us custom design REAL for you. Gain market advantage tomorrow by getting REAL today.


The in-room guest directory is custom-designed for hotels, motels, inns, and bed and breakfasts. This publication not only provides guests with instructions and amenities, but also features area specific information such as: points of interests, businesses, historical facts, restaurants and other services.


Our first and certainly our most successful niche publications is RideMaine. Delivered throughout New England to promote motorcycle riding in Maine, this publication is full of biker friendly hotels, restaurants and dealerships. RideMaine also features the best rides and places to see in a region by region format. Using the fully digital REAL platform, RideMaine is functional at your fingertips on any smart device and more convenient than ever.


CruiseMaine, our second triumph, is the ‘Go-To’ publication in Maine for antique auto collectors and fans. Filled with stories, pictures and most importantly EVENTS!

Classic car lovers, hot-rod collectors and everyday car enthusiasts hold on to CruiseMaine as their road map for ideas and things to do each season. Download or grab a copy and see for yourself why CruiseMaine continues to dominate the state with car information.  Now available in both print and digital editions.


Arizona offers some of the most diverse riding opportunities in the United States, and RideArizona magazine is proud to be one of the most comprehensive publications touting the terrain!  Delivered statewide by bikers to more than 400 locations, RideAZ magazine is readily available to lead you and your riding community through the best rides in Arizona. 


Regional formatting makes it easy to find information relevant to location. From the Grand Canyon in the north to the unique and charming border towns in the south, take RideAZ along for the ride and explore everything in between to make the most of your riding time in Arizona.

Off-Road AZ

America’s fastest growing outdoor motorsport is Side-By-Side adventuring. ATV’s, UTV’s, four-wheelers and many other custom off-road vehicles make up this popular craze, and Off-Road Arizona (ORA) is the state’s first publication dedicated to the sport.  Organized by region, ORA offers local information and advertises products and services of dealerships, hotels, restaurants, and rental locations. ORA is unique to the industry and sure to be on the dash as riders take to the trails throughout the great state of Arizona.

Founded in 1996, Direct Display Publishing Co., Inc. (DDP) has served the hospitality and tourism industry with guest information directories for businesses throughout New England and beyond.

In addition to guest directories, DDP has created multiple niche products to serve upscale markets of motorcycle touring, classic car enthusiasts, off-road adventuring and more.

Responsive to shifting dynamics in marketing, DDP has developed the newest method of customer communication using our one-of-a-kind digital platform – REAL. Fully customized for each customer, our REAL information in REAL time delivery is unique to the industry.

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